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Static VAr Compensators

AEG SVC Control Upgrade and Breaker Replacement Project

South Africa

Client: Eskom (Transmission)

Project Status: Ongoing

Eskom AEG SVC UpgradeProject Outline
Eskom Transmission owns and operates, amongst others, five large 400 kV AEG SVCs that are connected to the Cape Transmission System: two at Hydra Substation, two at Perseus Substation and one at Poseidon Substation. The SVCs were installed in the early 1980’s to enhance voltage support and system angle stability. Over the years, as the SVCs aged, the maintenance and upkeep of the control and protection systems became an issue, and the availability of spares deteriorated. To ensure continued and reliable operational service Eskom decided to replace and upgrade the control systems on all five SVCs.

Services to Client

Needs identification and value assessment
Design studies
Specification writing
Assistance during tender stage
Design reviews
Installation and commissioning

Project Detail

Different replacement options were evaluated to determine the most cost effective replacement option taking into account cost and technical performance.
Studies conducted as input in the specification included transient simulations, steady state and short circuit analysis and harmonic analysis.
From the studies, meetings with suppliers and the client the technical specification was compiled to allow competitive bidding ensuring the client get the most cost effective and technical compliant solution.
During tender stage PSD responded top all technical queries and clarifications to bidders.
After contract award design reviews were conducted during various stages of the project, including testing of the new control systems on a Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS®).
Technical assistance was given during the compilation of the test plans for commissioning.


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