Planning, Operations and Technical

PSD compiles master plans for the development of transmission and distribution networks..  The aim is to balance expected electricity usage, capital investments, quality of supply, services levels, demand-side management, network optimization and economic returns in designing power systems.  Our capabilities include:

  • Planning studies and investigations, including generation of alternative solutions and basic conceptual design
  • Power system analysis studies
  • Load flow and short-circuit analysis
  • Transient (machine) and dynamic stability studies
  • Small signal stability analysis
  • Technical evaluation
  • Alternative selection (based on technical and economic evaluations)
  • System operating studies and evaluation
  • System reliability studies.
System Design, Technical Specifications, and Engineering Support
PSD performs engineering design work for HVDC, series capacitors, dynamic and static shunt compensation and transmission and distribution lines and substations.  Our engineers have, collectively, many years of experience in the transmission engineering environment and we are adept at performing engineering design studies and investigations, including:

  • Electromagnetic transient simulations
  • Insulation coordination, including device switching and energisation studies
  • Harmonic and other power quality studies and investigations
  • Equipment rating
  • Development of technical specifications and evaluation of bids.
  • Engineering support during project implementation phase including design reviews, witnessing of factory tests, witnessing of site acceptance tests and commissioning tests.
  • Witnessing of RTDS testing of control and protection systems for HVDC and FACTS devices
 PSD, together with its associates, can design, supply, deliver, construct and commission substations and transmission lines up to 400 kV.
Commissioning of Primary and Secondary Plant

Our services include the commissioning of electrical installations, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor substations (6,6 kV to 765 kV)
  • Cable and transmission line distribution networks (6,6 kV to 132 kV)
  • Electrical supply installations for large developments
  • Protection control, metering and DC supplies relating to power systems
Power Reticulation
PSD and its associated companies have implemented supply technologies at low voltage, ranging from underground cabling to overhead topologies.  Insulated aerial bundle conductor systems as well as open-wire designs have been used. 

They have integrated low voltage systems supplied from both mini-substations and pole-mounted transformer equipment.

PSD and its associated companies have worked on numerous projects ranging from small rural systems of 0,3  kVA after diversity maximum demand (ADMD) per user to urban networks in excess of 6,0 kVA ADMD per user. 

They have done small towns of less than 100 dwellings to large towns of more than 20 000 dwellings.  In addition to residential settlements, they have reticulated industrial parks, large office complexes and commercial centres.
Energy Management
PSD and its associated companies/principals are experienced in integrated electricity planning, power system economics, tariff design, loss management and energy accounting. We always seek an optimal combination of actions, risk and investment that will satisfy the customer’s electricity needs, provide optimal electricity value and be financially viable to the utility.
Project Management

PSD and its associated companies principals are experienced project managers and they applied for registration as Professional Construction Project Managers.  The have managed contracts using FIDIC, NEC and JBCC contract documents and have a sound knowledge and understanding of the OHS Act (including the construction regulations) and construction law.


PSD can provide training courses in all areas of services offered. This includes courses on Dynamic Device Technology and Systems as well as using state of the art simulation tools like PSCAD, Digsilent or PSS/E.


PSD can carry out Grid integration studies for Solar PV, wind, hydro and battery energy storage plants.

Power Quality Measurements

Power System Dynamics (PSD) owns a number of industry-proven Vecto II and ImpedoDuos that we use to do on-site power quality and performance measurements. These results are interpreted in accordance with the client’s operations and benchmarked against standards like the NRS-048, IEC or IEEE.

Fault Investigations

PSD can investigate electrical equipment failures in order to determine the source of the failures so that future damages and losses may be prevented. The services includes:

  • Data collection and measurements
  • EMT Transient Studies
3rd Party Inspections

PSD can be appointed to inspect electrical equipment during the manufacturing process in order to verify that the equipment complies with South African or International standards. This services includes:

  • Reviewing of equipment technical parameters
  • Reviewing of manufacturer’s inspection and test plans/procedures
  • Witnessing of routine testing
  • Witnessing of type testing
  • Inspection of overall workmanship