Important notice: On 31 October 2022, DNV acquired Power System Dynamics. Our services will continue without any disruption. All projects and enquiries will be handled through DNV.



Power System Dynamics (PSD) offers professional consultancy services in the high voltage power industry.

Our capabilities cover both utility (transmission, distribution and reticulation) and industrial power systems.

PSD's core business is the provision of engineering services related to:

  • Renewable Energy Grid Integration Studies
  • Power Quality Studies and Harmonic Measurements
  • Static VAr Compensators (SVCs),
  • Shunt Capacitors, including HV and EHV Filter Design,
  • Series capacitors,
  • Reactors,
  • Insulation coordination studies


Power System Dynamics (PSD) is committed to providing professional consulting services specializing in the field of high voltage power systems. We continually endeavor to deliver services with the highest level of integrity, quality and innovation. As our success is predicated on that of our clients, we strongly believe in establishing a close trust relationship with our client.
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PSD’s main areas of expertise are power system analysis and design studies & investigations. Simulation software we are adept at include PSCAD, DigSilent PowerFactory and PSS/E. We specialise in studies for generation integration, energisation, substations, lines, Static VAr Compensators (SVC’s), reactive power compensation systems including shunt and series capacitor installations, & general power equipment.

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PSD have extensive experience carrying out international projects. These have involved all project stages including techno-economic feasibility studies, investigations, conceptual studies, power system studies, engineering studies, preparation of technical specifications, procurement support and bid evaluation and witnessing of factory tests and of site acceptance tests an commissioning tests.
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